About Us

We, the Third eye techno solutions is a tech company operating only in the Kannur district of Kerala and also on the premises like; Mahe, Kasaragod..etc.. where we deal with the technical and IT equipments which shows a rising demand at present. Prior to talking about us in detail, we may suggest you to make a look at yourselves through some of the following real life situations;

We all are living in an era where the Internet of things has got its dominance already. Technology and the tech devices has become an indispensable factor in our day to day life. The traditional homes are transforming into Smart homes where the home automation system enables us to operate our gates with remote controls, the motion detection Smart lamps are removing the entire darkness when a slight movement happens in the near circumstances. Above all, the 24*7 full surveillance CCTV Security cameras can stay as a third eye of protection on our home. 

Majority of us are having the habit of checking our smart phones since the beginning of the day from the bed itself. So it’s damn sure that we people can’t even imagine a day without our Smartphones, Laptops, Televisions and Fans, ACs…etc..because all of them have got such an indissoluble relation with each of us. That means we can’t imagine a day without electricity. We Can’t stay away from our gadgets. Inverter systems are the only available solutions for households to resist these issues by accessing uninterrupted power supply in the   scenario.  

There is nothing much good in it if you are having all but no pure drinking water to consume. What we need basically to live healthy is no doubt fresh air to inhale and pure water to drink. We used to think that ‘the water we consume is always safe and pure so why do we have to be much concerned about it?’ So usually we neglect it by directly consuming the water taken from the sources like wells, borewells…etc..But we can’t ensure, how much safe is the water that we consume daily because most probably it may get contaminated due to various circumstances without our knowledge. So it’s a must to test the quality of water prior to consumption. After performing such scientific tests, we must install the adequate and suitable water filtration system in every household. Then only we can ensure that the water we use is pure and safe to consume. 

Here in the Third eye technosolutions, we first analyse your problems, then we suggest you the best and suitable solutions for all these issues. We provide the best home security systems where the CCTV Cameras will be installed with the supreme accuracy and the right positioning of cameras can guarantee you the exact surveillance security and when it comes to other security equipments like; Remote gate, Alarms..etc.. We offer you the high quality branded equipments and will install it with the top perfection at the most reasonable prices. 

If you are in search of better support for the services like; CCTV and Home security systems Installation, Water filter, Solar Water heater and Inverter installation, then no need of making a second thought and just get in touch with us. 

Stay happy and satisfied with our unique characteristics like; High quality branded products, Most reasonable prices and the elegant, exceptional  after sales services…