How to install best home security system – A guide to the home security systems

How to install best home security system

‘ Every 3 minutes, a burglary, robbery or a break-in is taking place in India and its time we reconsidered the safety levels of our homes. Robberies, burglaries and thefts continue to plague the length and breadth of this country. As per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 2,44,119 cases of robbery, theft, burglary, dacoity, among others, took place in residential premises in 2017. This was a jump of over 10% from 2016 when the number of such cases stood at 2,20,854. The financial loss due to these thefts and burglaries are staggering. In 2017, value of property stolen from residential premises was in excess of Rs. 2065 crores, a 40% jump from Rs. 1,475 crores stolen the previous year.’ (India Today, IMPACT FEATURE November 21, 2019 15:45 IST)

Here, in this extract we can see the current situation of our country. Majority of the households are still vulnerable to these kinds of issues like; Burglary, robbery or Break-ins. Security personnel and the Policemen are having some kinds of limitations to resist these things as it’s somewhat difficult for them to reach the spots quickly when a robbery is taking place. And in most cases we could see that they reach the spots only when all these things are over. And we can’t even blame them too as they can’t foresee a burglary.

So it’s always better for us to depend on the modern electronic security systems to cope with these issues. 

In this article we are just trying to clarify some of the major concerns which many people face When start thinking about home security systems, like what is a home security system and how to install the best home security systems. ..etc..

1). What is a home security system ?

A home security system is a group of various components or devices which can be installed in our home to safeguard it from the vulnerabilities like; Theft, burglary..etc.. If a home is equipped with a high quality home security system, we can say it will help them to resist theft and unauthorised entries with the most useful features of systems like alarms, instant resistive actions by  sending sudden information to police…

2). How to install the best home security system ?

installing of home security system

The security system can be installed either as a complete standard kit which includes all the major equipment or in custom manner where the user can choose as per his requirement also. We can see the equipments called DIY (Do It Yourself) also at present readily available in the market. But a technical expert cannot suggest these DIY products in some cases which have to be installed separately as they are having their own demerits like; high chances of false alarms, easiness to break…etc..So its always better to install it as an interconnected system to assure supreme security. So when choosing a home security system we have to ensure that all the components included in the system like; Security cameras, Alarms, Lamps and Sensors are to be from the trusted brands itself as we don’t wish to make any kind of sacrifices on quality. 

3). Which is the best home security camera ?

Prior to choosing the best security camera for home, we must have to keep an idea on which are the major available brands of cameras. Following are some of the highest moving camera brands in the market;

best home security camera
  • Hikvision
  • Dahua
  • Dlink
  • Iball
  • CP plus

The capacity of cameras begins from 1 Megapixel (MP) to the highest levels, and the highest resolution cameras cost that much also. But for home security purposes, It’s ideal to choose the cameras from 1 Megapixel to 5 Megapixel. 

All these kinds are available among all the above said brands. But among these varieties, Hikvision is the most attractive brand in the present market with the high quality products and better service assistance. 

For Outdoor use in home:

Here it’s highly recommended to choose Hikvision HD Bullet camera from 1MP to 5MP

For Indoor use:

Here for indoor uses, it’s better to go for Hikvision HD Dome camera from 1MP to 5MP

Also we have to keep in mind that, all varieties of CCTV Cameras whether it is a wireless or wired one, it will need an external power to perform well. For cameras to work in times of power failures, it’s a must to connect a UPS or Inverter system with it. 

4). how to install a home security alarm

how to install a home security alarm

The security alarms can be installed either with a basic DIY device or as an Interconnected system. 

A DIY device has to be purchased separately from the dealers and can be installed by the user himself just by fixing it in the door premises with the magnetic part or with the tape or gum then activate it by turning it on. That’s all. But sometimes it will be more vulnerable to theft when we forget to turn on the switch. Also can easily break by the thief himself. 

Here arises the importance of an interconnected security alarm system. It will remain on and active always. So no need to turn on or off frequently. If any illegal acts like unauthorized entries or theft take place, the system will blow the alarm in higher sounds and also will send the SMS alerts and notifications to the concerned parties or nearest police stations. We can also set up a timer mechanism to it. All these systems and its functioning can be controlled with a mobile app linked to it. So we can say without doubt that these interconnected systems are more useful than the DIY devices. 

By approaching a dealer, we can choose the alarm system by seeking the expert opinion. But ever be careful to choose the branded products with best after sales service support. 

5). which are the mostly used home security products

  Due to the emerging demand for the home security systems, a wide variety of products have been added to the system in recent times. All of them are having their own unique roles to be performed well. Here we can discuss some of the mostly used home security products

mostly used home security products

Motion detection Security Camera

These are the CCTV cameras, an indispensable part of the Security system where motion sensors are installed in it. Cameras will be working on a 24*7 full surveillance basis. And when it detects a moving object in its surveillance areas, the camera may zoom in automatically and records with supreme accuracy.

Security Alarm/Door Alarm with sensors

Here, a DIY equipment which can be installed on the door premises or an interconnected security alarm plays the role of a security at door. If the system is installed in the home, when any unauthorized entries happens through the doors or window panels, in the very next moment the sensors detects it and make the huge noise and also the interconnected system may send emergency sms notifications to the numbers of police or house owners which are pre-set in the system. 

Remote Gate

By installing a remote controlled gate system, we can stay away from the difficulties of operating the gates manually. Can open or close the gate just by pressing the remote control buttons even from inside the home or car itself. 

Remote controls on Home appliances, Door locks and Lights

All our home appliances can be operated remotely just by installing some additional sensors like equipment in our devices. We can also lock/unlock the doors too through this system. All the appliances like, Lights, TV, AC..etc can be turned on / off remotely. This feature can stay as a blessing for those persons who usually want to go to work in the morning and returned in the evening only and also for those who are going abroad.           

Motion Detection Security lamps

These lamps have to be fixed in the surroundings of our home naturally by just inserting them into the holders. The motion detection sensors are normally pre installed inside the lamps. So no need to make any modifications to the normal bulb holders. Lamps have to be just inserted in it, and when the sun sets the lamps will turn on automatically and also when it detects any motion in the darkness.

6). How to install best outdoor wireless security camera system with     NVR

How to install best outdoor wireless security camera system with NVR

Now we have to make a look at how to install an outdoor wireless security camera system with NVR…

The security cameras can be seen in both wired and wireless categories. Both are in need of power to work. Wired camera means camera sends and receives signals from the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) through wires and Wireless camera means they can send or receive signals from NVR (Network Video Recorder) wirelessly. 

When comparing the cost of installation and maintenance of both the categories; We can conclude that both may incur the same costs. What is beneficial in the case of wireless cameras is we can avoid the hindrances that happen due to breaking and damage of wires. At the same time in both the categories, it’s a must to have uninterrupted power supply for working. 

Procedure of Installing a 4 wireless camera system for a normal home

  • 4 Cameras are to be connected through the 4 Channel NVR wirelessly after configuring the NVR 
  • Cameras are to be given power through a 4 Channel Power Supply
  • By connecting the NVR to a monitor, We can see the real time visuals on the monitor and also the visuals may get saved into the storage drives which are inside of the NVR. 


The value and importance we people give to our home is of the higher extent. So what if the home is kept unsecured without any security measures? Really bad.

The rising demand for home security devices is the main indication of the level of affection we people are having towards our homes. So when thinking about home security, it is always better not to compensate in the quality of security devices. 

And when going to install a CCTV, after purchasing the components with the knowledge we get from the internet, the very next step is the installation of CCTV systems. And what happens when we try to install ourselves without adequate knowledge and experience is nothing but even the components we bought also become damaged. 

So when completed reading this article, you can have an idea about the security system, it’s  working and all. But we can say that it is not even 25% about the whole system . So what we always suggest to you is when deciding to go for the home security system, better not to do the things like installation and all ourselves because the activities like configuration of DVR, NVR and cameras are not much simple as we thought, So always try to approach the dealerships who are having the highest level of experience and professional and technical knowledge in the corresponding field. Then only you can ensure the after sale services for all your products and installations. 

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