How to choose the best Inverter Battery – A guide to the Inverter Batteries

how to choose the best inverter battery

‘On a holiday, there in a middle class household, Both the parents are watching their most loved film on TV, Son is sitting before his normal desktop computer buzy with his Final project which is to be submitted on that day evening itself. But the sudden power failure just made them blank completely. TV turned off when the film reached its climax, and the son he could n’t even save the project which he has done till then, all the stuffs he made, content he prepared, has lost. A huge shock to him. ‘

Here arise the growing needs for the inverter systems in every household. But the major concern is about how to choose the best inverter battery for home. And If the household has got installed with an Inverter system, obviously they don’t have to fear the power failures any more.

 In this tech era, every household irrespective of lower, middle and Upper class are having extra large volumes of electronic devices. So frankly saying we can’t even think about the time without our Smartphones, TVs and Laptops and all other household equipments. So it’s becoming a must to keep equipped with an Inverter system with a good battery  to stay away from power failures and to enjoy the uninterrupted use of our devices. 

But when we start thinking about choosing the best inverter battery for home, many of us are still beyond the knowledge of Inverter batteries. Sometimes we don’t even have the basic idea about the Inverter Batteries. So here through this article, some of such ideas about the Inverter batteries will be shared to you by giving answers to the probable doubts a person is having in mind while planning to buy an Inverter system…

1). How an Inverter System works..?

inverter system working

   An Inverter System is a power electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

The input voltage, output voltage and frequency, and overall power handling depend on the design of the specific device or circuitry. The inverter does not produce any power; the power is provided by the DC source. Inverter stores the power in the batteries equipped with it and during times of power failures, it supplies the DC current.

2). What is the price of an Inverter battery ?

The price of the Inverter system may vary according to their star rating, Storage Capacity…etc.. By visiting the nearest store which is dealing with the Inverters and Batteries by keeping the accurate idea in mind that which are the devices in our home have to be connected to inverter system, then they can offer you the adequate Inverter system which can satisfy your needs. 

And if you are having a friend who is having best knowledge about batteries and all, then with the help of him, You can choose the Inverter batteries from online stores (a link is given below as an example)

3). which are the best inverter battery brands ?

which are the best inverter battery brands

There are various companies coming with their inverter systems today with the attractive price schemes and Excellent after sale services.

Following are the answers for the question, which are the best inverter battery brands those are famous and trustable with years of experience in market :

  •  Exide
  • Amaron
  • Luminous
  • Power bank series
  • Power supreme series

 By clicking this link

 You can just browse through some of the varieties of available Inverter batteries from all these brands…

4). which is the best inverter battery for home ?

As we discussed earlier, the best Inverter Battery for home can be chosen by keeping an idea in mind on which of the devices or equipments are to be used by connecting to the Inverter. If you want to connect few equipments which are consuming low power, then go for the Batteries with low charging capacity. This will help you consume less electricity. Here 3 models are listed out just as an example as all of them are the major choice made by the people in the market at present.

1. Exide ‘Inva tubular’ Model – IT500 (150ah)

features of exide inverter battery

When making a comparison between the most popular Inverter batteries, ExideIT500 holds the no. 1 position. Exide IT500 is a 150 ah tall tubular battery from India’s largest battery manufacturing company. Though Exide is producing so many models in tubular series, particularly this IT500 model has a very good reputation and proven longevity in the market.


Exide IT500 (150ah) battery has 36 month full replacement warranty + 1 year Prorate warranty. Prorate warranty is just a discount on new battery purchase.

Price Range

Price of Exide IT500 range from Rs.14000 to 15000/-, particularly in southern states of India, the prices are so high and not reasonable.


inverter battery for home

Amaron CRTT 150 is  from one of the India’s leading battery manufacturing company ‘Amara Raja Batteries Ltd’. And it is a Close competitor to ExideIT500 with the same specifications.


The battery is coming with the Same warranty like IT500 – 36 months free replacement warranty + 1 year prorated warranty

 Good Performing model, just equal to IT500


Amaron current CRTT 150 price range – Rs.12500 to 13500/-

Best alternative for Exide IT500, same performance but big difference in Price


best inverter battery for home

Luminous is another  best battery manufacturer in India. Luminous inverters are also holding an excellent position in the market; Luminous has a variety of tall tubular battery models designed for use with Home UPS systems.

This ILTT18048 (150ah tall tubular) model is most popular among users who prefer reliable and branded long back up tubular batteries at an affordable price.


All the 3 batteries listed here have the same warranty – 3 years full replacement + 1 year prorate warranty.

Life Expectancy of ILTT18048 – 5+ years

Price range

Luminous Inverlast ILTT18048 (150ah) Price range – Rs.12500 to 12800/-

5). which is best inverter battery charger ?

An inverter/charger would convert the AC power from the generator to charge the DC battery bank. An off grid inverter/charger would be converting the power in both directions, from AC to DC to charge the battery from the AC generator, and converting the DC power from the battery to AC for your appliances.
If you want to know which is the best inverter battery charger for your inverter battery, by clicking this link can see various available options online. But ever remember, while purchasing online, try to seek an expert opinion always.

6). what is a solar inverter ?

what is a solar inverter

Nowadays, the trend of Solar powered inverters are also seen increasing in a notable scale. But still many of us don’t know what is a Solar Inverter. A solar inverter or PV inverter, is a type of electrical converter which converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) into a utility frequency alternating current(AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network. 

It is a critical balance of system (BOS)–component in a photovoltaic system, allowing the use of ordinary AC-powered equipment. Solar power inverters have special functions adapted for use with photovoltaic arrays, including maximum power point tracking and anti-islanding protection.


    This article was written with a small aim to give an idea to those who are looking for better options while thinking about purchasing an Inverter system. All the above links included in the article are from the third party websites. So Thirdeyetechnosolutions hereby strongly recommend you to always seek an expert opinion while going for all the options and purchase plans either Online or Offline. Also we strongly recommend to all the readers better to visit the retail stores who are dealing with Inverters and Batteries and providing excellent after sale services with years of experience in the field. 

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