How to know the best solar water heater price – here is a best buying guide

how to know the best solar water heater price

Mr.Rakesh, High school teacher, is so much fond of his parents who completed their age of  sixties. During a visit to their family doctor for a routine check up, he asked both of them to use only hot water while taking bath. Then,  Rakesh started planning to install a Water heater in their home. But as he is a teacher, he always used to teach his students to control the use of electricity. So he started thinking about the alternative which can help him to reduce the use of electricity and at the same time, he can’t even compensate for the health of his parents too…

Here the best alternate solution for the people like Rakesh who wish to save electricity is none other than the Solar water heaters. But when thinking about the topic, the first question a common man raises will be “How to know the best solar water heater price?”

 And here we are providing answers for the questions you keep in mind while purchasing a Solar water heater. Mainly about how much a solar water heater costs?and along with some other basic information like what is a solar water heater and How it works?

1). What is a Solar water heater system and How does it work ?

Solar water heater system and How does it work

Solar water heating system is a device that uses solar energy to heat water for domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. Heating of water is the most common application of solar energy in the world. A typical solar water heating system can save up to 1500 units of electricity every year, for every 100 litres per day of solar water heating capacity.

The system is generally installed on the roof or open ground, with the collector facing the sun and connected to a continuous water supply. Water flows through the tubes, absorbs solar heat and becomes hot. The heated water is stored in a tank for further use then the water stored in the tank remains hot overnight as the storage tank is insulated and heat losses are small. So we can use the hot water from the heater just by opening the tape when we are in need of it.

2). How much does a Solar water heater cost ?

how much a solar water heater cost

The cost of a Solar water heater system mainly depends on the factors like; Quality of Solar panel and Batteries used with the system and also the quality and durability of tanks and all. So if you don’t want to make any compromise with the quality, Better don’t be concerned about the cost. By approaching a retailer store they are having highest experience in dealing with inverter batteries and all can guide you in a better manner for making a selection.

Below is a compiled list of some categories of Solar water heater and their average cost.

Solar batch collector water heaters

The solar batch collector water heaters are the basic type of solar heaters, you can also describe it as a tank under the sunlight. These are also known as “Integrated Collector and Storage” “ICS”. these sort of heaters can provide you enough of heated water without electricity. The average price of  Solar batch collector water heaters starts from 140000/- and so on.

Flat plate collector solar heaters:

FPC systems are metallic long-lasting, In colder regions also this FPC works efficiently and seamlessly. It is slightly expensive and the cost completely depends upon the units.

Capacity (liters per day)Cost of FPC system (in Rs)

Evacuated tube collector heating systems

These are preferred in the coolest region with sub-zero temperature, these are cheaper than FPC and fragile, these are durable and reliable. Prices are as per units. 

Capacity (liters per day)Cost of ETC system (in Rs)

3). How to get Solar water heater price list

A Solar water heater uses the energy from the Sun to make the water hot. With no maintenance requirement, solar heater provides a low cost long term solution to getting hot water. For cloudy days, solar water heater have a inbuilt electric heating element for backup. Basically, solar water heater do conversion of sunlight into renewable  for water heating using a solar thermal collector.

So when planning to buy a Solar water heater, you must have to know how to get a Solar water heater price list;

Here by clicking this link you can get a vast idea on the various available options in the market

4). how much is the solar water heater price in Amazon

how much is the solar water heater price in Amazon

While you prefer to buy a Solar water heater online, a wide variety of options are waiting for you there in the But before selecting the product, you have to keep in mind, what is the actual requirement you having, because the water heaters are in various sizes and capacities. If you are planning to buy one for a household where very few members are there, better choose the starting varieties with low storage capacity and all. Choose the bigger ones only for the places like; Hospitals, Flats..etc..there needed a large amount of water.

Just by clicking the below link you can explore the varieties of Solar water heaters available for sale in

But we always recommend you to make a purchase only after seeking an expert opinion to enjoy the benefit of low electricity consumption and low maintenance…etc

5). What is a solar pool heater?

how much is the cost of solar pool heater

A Solar pool heater is a device which is very similar to the Water heater. So let’s make a look into that also.

A solar pool heater helps to reduce swimming pool heating costs. They’re cost competitive with both gas and heat pump pool heaters, and they have very low annual operating costs. Actually, solar pool heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy in many climates.

How they work

Most solar pool heating systems include the following:

  • A solar collector — the device through which pool water is circulated to be heated by the sun
  • A filter — removes debris before water is pumped through the collector
  • A pump — circulates water through the filter and collector and back to the pool
  • A flow control valve — automatic or manual device that diverts pool water through the solar collector.

Pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the solar collectors, where it is heated before it is returned to the pool. In hot climates, the collectors can also be used to cool the pool during peak summer months by circulating the water through the collectors at night.

Some systems include sensors and an automatic or manual valve to divert water through the collectors when the collector temperature is sufficiently greater than the pool temperature. When the collector temperature is similar to the pool temperature, filtered water simply bypasses the collectors and is returned to the pool.

6). how much is the cost of solar pool heater

A solar pool heating system usually costs between $3,000 and $4,000 (INR 2,20,000 to 3,00,000) to buy and install. This provides a payback of between 1.5 and 7 years, depending on your local fuel costs. They also typically last longer than gas and heat pump pool heaters. Your actual cost and payback depend on many factors. Therefore, before you purchase and install a solar pool heating system, you should do the following:

  • Evaluate your site’s solar resource
  • Determine the correct system size
  • Determine the correct orientation and tilt for the collector
  • Determine the system’s efficiency
  • Compare system costs
  • Investigate local codes, covenants, and regulations.

By clicking this link, You can see the available varieties of Solar pool heater and also can know how much the cost of a Solar pool heater


In this modern era, every one of us should be highly concerned about the consumption of energy. From the school life itself, we have to teach the students who are the stars of the coming generation about the importance of reducing energy consumption and saving energy. We must tell them that renewable energy is the core for the development of the nation. And also its the duty of the present generation to give them the ideas of reducing energy consumption by using renewable energies like, Solar energy and all.

Here through this article, we just made a small walk through the world of Solar water heaters. It’s a must to promote the usage of solar powered products like, Water heaters, inverters…because those are the energy for tomorrow as the era of fossil fuels are very near to their end.

But frankly saying, the ideas of Solar energy and the Solar powered equipments are beyond the knowledge of the common man. And As it is a must to shift to such renewable energy modes, while purchasing household equipment like: Inverter, Water heater…etc. We must have to make a check for the alternatives for common electricity powered as are there any Solar powered ones. At present many of the dealers are handling the Solar powered equipments. So what you have to do is to always make better choices.

For choosing the best among the available devices, you can browse online as most updated information is available there. But While selecting a Solar water heater you must keep in mind what are your needs, then choose the best that fits your needs. Here A good dealer of Solar powered equipments can help you in a better manner.

Here if you are from Kannur district, and looking to go for a Solar water heater, better don’t think twice and just come to thirdeyetechnosolutions.

Sure we can assist you in making a better selection.

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