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‘Mr. Raj, who just came back from abroad by quitting his job has started a small scale industry in his home town in Bombay. Just after 2 or 3 months of started working, frequent theft happened in his industry. With the experience of seeing the efficacy of CCTV security systems to resolve these issues in most plants and homes in Arab countries, He started thinking about installing a CCTV security system in his industrial premises. But as he is not aware about how to know the CCTV Camera price, he just discussed the matter to his friends and family, all of them altogether said that CCTV is always a luxury equipment and used in most advanced and bigger plants only. Then demotivated him by saying that CCTV is not commonly used in the Indian scenario and the only thing he has to do is to employ a security guard for the small industries like him. And when he inquired about the cost and all, any one of them can’t help him by giving proper guidance. So he finally employed a security guard. But it couldn’t stand as a complete solution for all those unethical things like theft, burglary and all.’ 

This is the main reason why many of the common people get into trouble. There is always a misunderstanding that CCTV and Home security systems are meant for only the biggest and richest people and institutions. And the common people aren’t even aware about how to know the price of CCTV cameras and related components. Nothing but this attitude of our community paved the way to the menacing results shown in the following graph released by the National Crime Records Bureau.


And it is far better when the government starts taking initiative to compete with these situations. Let’s see how the Telangana government started actions against these threatening acts;

The Telangana government wants more eyes on the streets to upgrade Hyderabad’s safety. It has asked enterprises, public sectors, residential associations and individuals to install closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) in and around their premises.

More than a lakh CCTVs are expected to be installed across the city in the next few years. The initiative is part of the Nenu Saitham (Telugu for Me Too) project — being promoted by Hyderabad Police, which will monitor the feed. To ensure that low quality CCTVs are not installed and the project is sustainable, the police have asked citizens to only buy from selected vendors.

With this move, launched in November 2017, the Telangana govt joins a growing list of governments, corporations, educational institutes, residential buildings and small businesses across the country that are buying such technology.

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So what the common man and the community have to do is just get rid of the ancient concepts and try to accept the fact that we are living in the modern tech era, where the role of technology is indescribable. 

Also the rising competition in the IT fields had resulted in the drastic decline in the prices of equipment and technical components. We can see the impact on the prices of CCTV Cameras and allied products also. 

Here in this article, we are just trying to give an idea about the present ongoing market rates of CCTV security systems and there by you can keep in mind an idea about the prices of cameras. So we believe it can make some changes in your current mindset.

Here is some of the major queries a common man keeps in mind while thinking about CCTV Cameras;

1). How to get HD CCTV Camera price list ?

For normal households and small industrial purposes, 2MP and 5MP HD CCTV cameras are ideal for use. These cameras are available under many brands and when comparing the prices, we could see only very slight variations on the cameras with the same specifications and capacities. 

how to get HD CCTV camera price list

So to get an idea on the prices, it is better to discuss a random model from a major popular brand.  Here we are discussing on Some of the models from the brand Hikvision. 

For Indoor use in Households, shops and Small scale industries, it is recommended to use Hikvision Dome cameras from 2MP – 5MP formats.

Hikvision Dome Camera 2MP – ₹ 1,850

Hikvision Dome Camera 5MP – ₹2,850

For Outdoor use in Households, shops and Small Scale industries, it is recommended to use Hikvision Bullet cameras from 2MP – 5MP formats for improved performance.

Hikvision Bullet Camera 2MP – ₹ 1,950

Hikvision Bullet Camera 5MP – ₹ 2,980

These rates are just average figures. And due to the unexpected Coronavirus outbreak, the issues faced by the technology manufacturing giants like China has made serious impacts on the manufacturing sector. So we can expect notable hikes in the prices for the coming 5-6 months. 

The CCTV cameras can be purchased from online also. There are a wide variety of products available on online platforms like Amazon.  But we always recommend not to go for it as it is sure that you can’t avail any after sales services or warranty from them. On the one hand you can buy the products with cheaper prices from there but at the same time you have to spend a lot for the services and all as the majority of the products may be duplicates…

Click here to explore it:

2). How to know the price of a CCTV Camera set ?

CCTV Security systems consist of not only cameras. But various other related components like; 

How to know the price of CCTV Camera Set

We will try to give an idea about how to know the price of a CCTV camera set or the current price level of all the components, by taking an example of a sample project of 4 Camera CCTV security systems for a middle class household.  

NB: We request you to keep in mind the fact that, the below discussed is just sample figures and not the exact price of products which is used just to give you a sample idea. Also we, the Third eye techno solutions always offer our quotations by analyzing your site, we won’t go for any bogus amounts. And it is most beneficial to both of us. You can avail the same products we discussed here with excellent discount schemes when you approach dealerships who are having the highest technical know how and the market knowledge like us. You can enjoy huge discounts. At the same time, they may offer you the most valued after sale services also…So we ever encourage you to visit the dealerships rather than go for the online platforms.

The approximate costs and the average prices of all the components needed for this installation by taking the products of some brands as examples is discussed below;

When we make a sum of all the above figures, sure the cost will come under ₹50,000 and is similar to costs incurred for a double door refrigerator or a branded A/C. 

But we can surely say that the amount may be worth it as the safety of ourselves and our belongings are immeasurable…

Once again we say that all the figures are just an example to give you a brief idea about the costs. And it may vary according to the area of houses and structures as the length of wiring, no.of cameras and various other things also depends on it. So it is always advised to visit the nearest retailer who is most experienced and equipped with the modern technologies in the field of security systems. Also they can offer notable discounts also. 

3). What is the price of a wireless CCTV Camera ?

This is another common question which many people raise while discussing the CCTV Cameras. Many people want to know; ‘What is the price of a wireless CCTV camera?’ Wireless CCTV cameras are those which are connected to the NVR (Network Video Recorder)

what is the price of wireless CCTV camera

The difference between NVR and DVR is how they process video data. DVR systems process the video data at the recorder, whereas NVR systems encode and process the video data at the camera, then stream it to the NVR recorder which is used for storage and remote viewing. As DVRs and NVRs handle the video data differently, they require different types of cameras. Most NVRs are used with IP cameras whereas DVRs are used with analog cameras. It’s important to note that a DVR based system is a wired security system, whereas NVR systems can be a wired or wireless system.

A 1MP Wireless CCTV camera is available in the market from ₹3,000 but for households  it is recommended to always go for cameras with more than 2MP capacity. It is available in the market from ₹4,000. 

Many people think that the wireless cameras can work without external power. But it is completely wrong. It will work wirelessly. That means It can be connected to the NVR wirelessly. But for its working each camera is to be given a separate power supply. 

And the price of NVR will obviously stand higher than the DVRs, as those ones work with the most modern wireless technology. The prices of NVRs may vary depending on the factors like; Brand, Signal strength, Warranty period..etc..

4). How to know the spy camera price ?

While discussing the CCTV camera varieties, Wireless security cameras, another related thing people are anxious to know about is Spy cameras. Spy cameras are mainly used by persons related with Police, Media and all. Those have to be used for either ethical and unethical purposes. So as there is a negative side, use of such hidden or spy cameras are less entertaining and also punishable under certain circumstances while using against the interest of other people.

Different kinds of Spy cameras

The various varieties of Spy cameras are available in the forms of Plug USB Charger Camera, Key Chain camera, Power bank cameras, Button camera, Pen camera, Clock Cameras…etc.

By Clicking the below link, we can explore the world of Spy/hidden cameras and also can have an idea on the cost of them.

We always advised not to use spy cameras for unethical means as it may attract legal actions against those users. 

5). How to know the price of CCTV Camera adapter ?

Power Adapters used for Set Top Box/DTH, LED Strip Lights (12 V 2A DC (2.5mm Pin))are used for giving power to the CCTV cameras. 

how to know the CCTV camera adapter price

Majority of these adapter models operate at AC to DC, AC input 100VAC-240VAC 50-60Hz. And it gives an Output power 24 Watt max, with protection functions like; Overload protection, Over current protection, Short Circuit Protection, over-temperature protection and With 2.5 MM pin tip connector to suit as per required Applications.

For those who wish to buy the adapters online, There are plenty of options available on Amazon;

But as a tech dealer We, the Third eye technosolutions always suggest to buy the adapters from the authorized dealers as they can provide better quality and most suitable choices according to your needs. While purchasing online, there is the heavy risk of low quality of products and poor after sale services.


When we go out for our job or for a function by locking down our amiable home, and till we back most of our half mind and soul may there in our home itself for sure because we are that much fond of our homes. ‘Own a house’, it’s one of the sweetest dreams of all of us. We build our homes and buy appliances and valuables into it sometimes by putting our hard earned money and efforts. 

But what we ignore is the supreme factor, nothing but security. Till we are back home evening the kind of tension we people have about our home if it was locked down in morning with nobody there, or if our children are alone in home is obviously unexplainable.

Here arises the significance of home security systems especially the CCTV Cameras. 

We can treat it as our third eye which we can keep for the safety of our home, shops and valuables…because with the aid of modern advanced technologies, we can monitor our home in a live manner by connecting our smartphones into CCTV installed in our home. We can see the movements and activities of our children, and if any trespassing happens there, and also if any mishap occurs we can take instant actions by the pre-installed features on the security system.

So we can say that, each penny you spend towards home security, will be worth it for sure…

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